Most companies know that their salespeople are the backbone of their success. When the team is successful and meets quotas or exceeds them, you make money. You probably also know that motivation is one of the top factors that determine if the team is happy and does their job. The goal here is to motivate them and train them at the same time, ensuring that they learn and want to learn.

The Natural Salesperson Myth

While some people seem to have the charisma and charm to sell oceanfront property in a desert, most people can benefit from motivational sales training and need it to hone their skills. You may have a few natural talents in your midst, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be trained on the finer points. That type of thinking only leads them to feel that they can’t progress in their job and go elsewhere for challenges and new opportunities.

Similarly, most people just need a boost of confidence and motivation to help them learn and grow. They may know what to do but aren’t sure how to implement it. They may also be scared or embarrassed by what they don’t know.

Why Use It

Motivational sales training is about teaching the basics, but it does so much more. You don’t have to use two programs to get your point across. Instead, it teaches what to do and when along with helping people focus on their weakness and strength. It’s never fun to learn that you aren’t good at cold-calling or that you have trouble closing the sale. However, it also doesn’t mean that you should give up. Motivating people to keep trying means that they will likely succeed, even if it requires a lot of coaching.