Although you never think that it will happen to you, it eventually happens to every vehicle. On a particularly chilly morning, you get in your car and crank the thermostat but there is simply no response, no comforting sound of your radiator firing up, and no warmth rising from the system.

When situations such as this happen, you’ll want someone who is on your side. Hopefully, it is a simple and cost-friendly fix such as a clogged filter. If you are experiencing a more serious issue that is too costly for a repair, you may have to contact a service that provides radiator replacement in Indiana. When these types of situations arise, you may ask yourself if it is more cost-effective to fix your issue or replace the whole heating system? Here is how to decide.

Put Safety First

If the issue that you are experiencing with your radiator or heating system presents a heating hazard, it’s easy to decide that you need a replacement. On the other hand, some problems can be repaired. In order to make the most educated decision, weigh the cost and benefits and get a professional consultation from a company that offers radiator replacement and repair.

Consider the Lifespan

Consider how old your radiator is before making the decision to repair or replace. If you’re not sure how old the system is, look at it carefully because some technicians write the year that it was installed on the unit. In other cases, you may have to look up the model number and see what the manufacturer’s recommendations are.

As a general rule, you may want to consider contacting an Indiana radiator replacement professional if you are more than three-quarters into the radiator’s life expectancy or if the cost of repairs is more than one-third of what a replacement would cost.