Getting inside the ring comes with plenty of benefits. It improves circulation, the range of motion, flexibility and endurance, among other things. If you want a workout that works, boxing is a good option to go for. Before you head over to the gym, though, here’s how the right shoes can improve your boxing game:

Wear the right shoes

Footwork is an essential part of boxing. Bad shoes can get in the way of that, though, says Expert Boxing. You’ll want to shop around for boxing shoes for men instead of grabbing a pair of sneakers and Chuck Taylors.

Shoes help performance

Imagine boxing with shoes that restrict your movement. That’s going to affect your performance in the ring. Want to make the most out of your every session? Then look for—and wear—the right shoes to your boxing lessons.

Ensure safety while you play

Stay safe while you play sports. That’s easy to do when you have the right pair of shoes. Some shoes can restrict your movements in the worst way. That could lead to possible foot problems and complications, which is the last thing you want to happen. By wearing footwear specifically designed for boxing, you can prevent any injuries from happening.

Get better traction

Boxing shoes are specially designed to allow you to pivot but prevent you from slipping. That means better balance and punching power for you. If you want to score a knock out, you might want to look for better shoes.

Check for wear and tear

If you already have a pair, make sure it isn’t worn out from too much use. If the soles of your shoes are already worn thin, that’s a big red flashing sign that it’s time to shop for a new pair of boxing shoes for men. You’ll find yourself making those turns and executing all the fancy footwork you’ve learned a whole lot easier with a brand new pair.