When one runs a business of whatever size, it is important to ensure that all health and safety rules and regulations are followed to the letter. The last thing that any business owner wants is a lawsuit to deal with! Of course, a big part of maintaining safety in the workplace is looking out for hazards. Unfortunately, there are some areas that are commonly missed.

Is Your Parking Lot up to Standard?

One of the areas most commonly forgotten when it comes to health and worker safety is the staff car park. Typically, these areas are composed of asphalt; over time and due to the exposure to all sorts of weather, the asphalt breaks down. Once the surface is cracked or damaged, rainwater and snow can enter the substrate. This causes the material to expand and contract with the weather conditions, which causes further damage and cracking and requires a professional asphalt service.

Mitigate Any Risks to Your Business

A well-worn parking lot is not only unsightly but it can also be a health hazard to workers and visitors to the establishment. Cracks and holes can be a serious tripping hazard and can cause all sorts of injuries if not repaired by a company such as Asphalt Industries.

Damage such as this also poses a threat to vehicles as they enter and then leave the car park. If cracks and potholes are not repaired by an asphalt service in Mount Vernon, WA, they can damage vehicles.

If your asphalt car park is unsightly, it is a good idea to investigate the cost of a professional asphalt service and repair company. They will not only mitigate health and safety risks but will also add to the curb appeal of your business.