Keynote speakers are an integral part of any professional gathering where members present wish to further their knowledge and networking. A good keynote speech should be inspiring and should unify the audience with a common goal.

A good Calgary keynote speaker is one that can effectively direct the conference as well as set the tone for the event. The following is the criteria with which we judge keynote speakers:

  1. Know the Value of Entertainment
    It is good to use humor in your speech. However, ensure that it is not misplaced humor as it can disconnect you from your audience.
  2. Understand the Purpose of the Conference
    A good keynote speaker is one that can further the theme of an event. He or she should be global, pragmatic, inspiring, and memorable. Do not be carried away and forget the purpose of the event at hand.
  3. Minimize the Use of Props
    It is true that most keynote speakers know excessively much information. It is good to show factual statements but using those complex spreadsheets can be boring. Use fewer props and let your words do the magic.
  4. Focus On the Target Audience
    If you want to be a successful keynote speaker, you must know at which level to approach your audience. Do not underestimate or overestimate them. Work closely with the organizer of the event to gather as much info on the psychographics of the audience that you will be addressing.
  5. Tell Real Stories
    A good keynote speaker is one who can relate real-life stories to the main topic in an event. Let your audience know that you do not know everything but share the little you know. By sharing your story, you connect with the audience by making them realize that you too go through these experiences in life.
  6. Call to Action
    The audience should walk away with at least two actionable concepts. At the end of your presentation, they should have learned how they will incorporate your message into their business or personal lives.

Take note of the points above as you plan on delivering your keynote speech so as to make it effective and successful.

Doug has presented as a Calgary motivational speaker twice before and would love to have another excuse to come back to the beautiful city. Click here to know more.