People who have had surgery or been in accidents that caused debilitating injuries can get a more complete healing and a return of range of motion with Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA. Primary physicians and surgeons often work with rehab facilities to achieve a more complete recovery for their patients. The injured or post-operation patient can benefit from these additional treatments and exercise programs to get back to their jobs and their before-injury lives.

How Does The Process work?

Every new patient is interviewed and examined to determine their current status and abilities. Medical records and primary physician’s orders are taken into consideration. Payment possibilities from insurance and the patient are arranged. Then, a rehabilitation program is designed for that patient’s unique needs and abilities. Each patient must be willing to follow the program to achieve complete healing and pain reduction.

Many different treatment types and methods are used. Diet and lifestyle changes are suggested for each patient. Rehabilitation plans are not accomplished in one, or even two, sessions. Depending on the seriousness of the injury or condition, treatments may be scheduled for weeks or months. Each patient has a treatment schedule designed for them that can be shortened or lengthened according to their healing process.

What Are Some Treatments?

Treatments and methodology may include:

  • Manual or instrument manipulation
  • Exercises on site and to do at home between facility treatments
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Neuromuscular re-education and facilitation
  • Physical therapy and pain management education
  • Proprioception, balance, and coordination treatments
  • Strength and gait training
  • Other treatments as needed to achieve recovery objectives

All of the planning and available treatments will assure recovery and improvement in range of motion for patients. The largest factor in recovery is the patients themselves. The more cooperative and dedicated a patient is to their own recovery, the better the results will be.

Recovery is not for wimps. Exercises are hard and sometimes painful. Patients can get tired and wonder if it is all worth it. But, the effort is worth it. Every patient receives the encouragement and guidance they need during Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA to succeed and not give up. Go to for more information.