A person may become so steeped in financial trouble in his or her personal affairs that the only viable answer is to file bankruptcy. If that is the case, so many other people are filing bankruptcy these days that it is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. There are bankruptcy Attorneys in Lawrence KS who help clients who find themselves in financial trouble and needing that extra-legal boost to help them come out of the problems. Here are some ways that bankruptcy can help a client get his or her life back in financial order.

Understanding Bankruptcy in Kansas

Before deciding upon bankruptcy of any type, the debtor must realize that he or she must take a credit counseling course to get involved in the bankruptcy process. This is to ensure that the debtor will learn how to properly manage money, or at least learn how to not end up in bankruptcy court again. Once that is settled, a debtor can talk to a legal counselor to find out which type of bankruptcy he or she is suited for and can qualify for. The two types mostly used are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

The Two Types of Bankruptcies Used

If a person can qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this means that his or her debt can be virtually erased for a fresh start, except for secured debts, such as taxes which are no more than three years old. Everything that can be sold will be sold and liquidated and distributed to the creditors as a final resolution. In the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a reorganization of the debt will be planned and supervised by the court, and the debtor usually gets to keep most of his or her stuff.

An Attorney to Help with Bankruptcy in Kansas

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