It seems that everywhere you look, products and services are being marketed as organic. As our awareness of the environment and our impact on it increases, so does our desire to use more natural products. Whether it’s for reasons of eco-friendliness and sustainability or because we now understand just how much better nature’s materials often are than those we create, there is no shortage of organics in the modern marketplace.

Organic Meets Offbeat

Given the nature of the target audience, it was probably only a matter of time before organics hit the world of body jewelry and modification. Organic ear gauges are an excellent example of this. What was once made of materials such as metal, plastic or other synthetics when the trend first took off in America and Europe nearly two decades ago can now be found made from wood, cork, stone, and many other organic materials. Retailers of ear plugs, tunnels and gauges offer many selections for those looking to put a natural twist on something that’s already their own twist on accessories. Click here to look more .

Uniquely Beautiful

For people looking for one of a kind piece to add to their collection of accessories, there’s nothing quite like jewelry made with organic materials. Handcrafted, made from materials with natural variance and beauty and appealing to all styles and tastes, there is an organic look for just about everyone. What’s more, organic styles can typically be cared for with as little as an occasional warm water wash or applying a little natural oil to the exposed surfaces.

Organic ear gauges, in particular, can be made from stunning, colored woods with deep, rich grain patterns or struck from stone with a beautiful character in each hand-finished piece. Whatever a wearer is looking for, there is likely an organic piece to match their sensibilities and style. What’s more, with sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly initiatives attached to many manufactures of these products, buying organic for your closet as well as your pantry may just be the most sensible and earth-conscious decision you ever make.