When a family plans to have a bathroom remodeled, they probably already have some ideas in mind that will make the room more satisfactory. They might have viewed illustrations of Bathroom Designs in Carlsbad to see whether any seem perfect for their preferences. A person may have conflicting preferences for this space and will need to decide which changes would be most beneficial for the household residents.

Storage vs. Open Area

For example, everyone may wish for more storage space there, which could be accomplished by adding more cabinets. However, everyone may also wish the bathroom had more open area, which would typically mean removing existing cabinetry. The home’s residents might ask the remodeling contractor if there is any creative way to accomplish both ideas. Open racks above the toilet, for instance, can store towels and washcloths while also conveying the illusion of more space, as compared with a closed cabinet.

It’s also entirely possible to live happily without storing towels in the bathroom. People get the mistaken idea that they’re going to shower and then run to the linen closet in the hall for a towel. Instead, it’s easy enough to just bring a towel along when planning to shower. The action becomes second nature in a short time.

Changing the Toilet Location

Changing Bathroom Designs in Carlsbad can involve extensive modifications to the floor plan, but homeowners must accept the extra cost when making adjustments to the location of plumbing fixtures. Nevertheless, they may really want the toilet moved because right now it is in full view of the living room or dining area when the bathroom door is opened.

An Extra Showerhead

Another extensive modification by a contractor such as Guedes Construction Inc. would be adding an extra showerhead so two people can more comfortably shower at the same time. This requires a standalone shower rather than one located above a bathtub, and it also typically means using up a significant amount of floor space. Unless the room is large, it is likely to feel crowded with this feature. The home’s residents may need to decide whether they are willing to extend the bathroom by stealing square footage away from an adjacent room.