One in twelve Americans lives with asthma. Many others have breathing disorders and infirmities of the lungs that either temporarily or permanently make breathing difficult. One way that these people combat their illness is with the metered dose inhaler or MDI. However, inhalers are not appropriate for every patient. When this is the case, some may rely on nebulizer machines for treatment and management of symptoms.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a machine that provides the same kind of inhaled medication as an inhaler, but in a more effective delivery system. The machine converts liquid medicine into a mist that can easily be breathed in by a patient. This method of treatment is especially good for those with serious, acute conditions, asthma that in not well controlled by inhalers or children who are too young to use an inhaler properly.

How you use your nebulizer machine is largely influenced by your doctor’s recommendations. Patients typically insert a piece of plastic tubing into their mouths or wear a mask over there nose and mouth to facilitate breathing in of the dosed medication. This can be done while reading, watching television or surfing the internet, making nebulizers a great choice for long-term, in-home care.

How to Get Your Nebulizer Machine

While a nebulizer will typically be prescribed for patients requiring its use and will be covered by many insurance plans, additional or replacement machines and parts are often the responsibility of patients to acquire. There are many home medical specialty stores that provide these pieces, but today’s patient is increasingly looking online to obtain their medical equipment. Companies like US Med are providing consumers with a shop-at-home experience that accepts Medicare and other insurance plans and allows patients to order and reorder their necessary supplies from the comfort of their home. For most sufferers of chronic, long-term breathing disorders or serious, acute lung conditions, this ease of ordering makes life – and breathing – just a little easier.

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