Hardwood floors not only provide a home with a more high-end appearance, but their natural quality allows them to coordinate with a variety of styles, and their hypoallergenic attributes make them perfect for individuals who suffer from allergies and other breathing conditions. Most hardwood floors are designed to last for hundreds of years, but the surface coat of polyurethane can wear out over time and require refinishing. Here is a quick look at what is involved with Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan, and why it is a job best left to a professional.

Prepare the Space

The first step is to remove all of the baseboards and floor moldings in the room and to shore up the floors by inserting shims to remove any areas that may squeak or move when walked upon. Be sure to clean the wood floors to remove any residual dust and install plastic sheeting over any doors that lead to rooms that are not being finished to help mitigate the spread of dust and other airborne debris.

Sand the Floors

Next, remove all of the old sealant and stain by sanding the floors with a commercial upright sander. It is also essential to utilize a hand-held orbital sander for hard to reach areas, such as flooring in closets and the corners of any rooms. Take caution, as over sanding can lead to the formation of divots and dips that can give the floor an uneven appearance after Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan.

Apply the Stain and Sealant

Once the sanding is complete, be sure to thoroughly clean the area and mop the floors using a shop vac and lightly damp sponge mop. Allow the floors to dry after cleaning before moving to the next step. Finally, use a lambswool applicator to apply the stain and sealant over the floors, making sure to allow adequate time for the coats to dry between applications to ensure even coverage.

Hardwood floors can fill any home with timeless beauty. If the floors in a house have become scuffed and damaged, be sure to contact the experts at New York Wood Flooring and learn more about their restoration services. Call today and see how affordable restoring hardwood floors can be.