When a family is either moving to a new home that isn’t ready or is relocating for an extended period they must make sure that all of their belongings are correctly stored so that they will not become damaged. One of the most challenging items to store is furniture, as the propensity for damage is extremely higher than with other possessions. The following is a quick look at the qualities to seek out when looking for a furniture storage service in Estero FL.

Proper Wrapping

When the facade of furniture becomes damaged, it is devastating because it is the most preventable form of damage. Make sure to find a company that will adequately wrap any large furniture so that the risk of them being chipped or scratched when moved is reduced. Items such as cloth pads and plastic wrap are easy to use and will provide incredible protection when physical trauma occurs.

Climate Controlled Storage Area

Extreme temperature changes and excessive humidity can wreak havoc on furniture and cause any veneer surfaces to peel or lead to swelling that can make it impossible to use drawers and doors. A Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL that provides climate controlled storage will be able to maintain a set temperature and humidity level, which can reduce the chances of damage caused by weather-related exposure.

Trained Staff

It can be heartbreaking to see individuals handle furniture, boxes and other possessions in a rough manner, and even though a storage company may have liability insurance to cover any damage, it is not able to replace everything a family may own. Be sure to choose a company that provides extensive training, so their staff knows how to move items correctly and without hurting themselves or damaging furniture or any packed items.

It can be stressful to have to store items, but a professional storage company can alleviate that stress and ensure that any items are kept safe. Contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. and learn more about the various storage and moving services they provide. Anyone can streamline a move by letting a professional offer their expertise through the process.