Just as neck pain comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, so too do the methods of treatment. The neck is a complex part of the body, responsible for numerous jobs that keep the body in working condition. As such, no one method of treating pain is going to work every time, because the root of that pain could be coming from anywhere. If you are seeking neck pain treatment in Jacksonville, here are the types of treatment your doctor may potentially prescribe to you.

#1. Medication
While there are more complex methods of treatment to be followed up on, sometimes the best thing you can do for pain is take some prescribed medication a few times a day. If the doctor just prescribes medication, it probably isn’t anything too serious, likely just some aches and pain that’ll go away. The medicine is meant to relax you and keep you comfortable while it passes.

#2. Chiropractic therapy
The pain in your neck might be caused by a “knot” of sorts that gets built up in your neck, and needs to be worked out. It likely won’t go away on its own, or it will just take too long to be able to deal with the pain, so look to chiropractic therapy to help ease the knot out the fast way.

#3. Acupuncture
At first, acupuncture seems like the last thing you want to treat pain. After all, how would having a bunch of needles stuck into your neck help take away pain? And wouldn’t it hurt? Actually, acupuncture is a scientifically proven method of treating a wide variety of diseases and physical ailments, neck pain being one of them. And the treatment causes little to no pain!

#4. Surgery
Sometimes, however, the pain is a sign of something more serious. And when that happens, surgery might be required to fix it. Neck surgery is a delicate process, but once it’s over, it’s unlikely that the pain will be there anymore. You may, however, be required to take some medication for a bit afterwards to help with post-surgery pain.

Neck pain can have a myriad of sources, from tumors to diseases, to simply sleeping on it wrong. Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to treat neck pain available to you. So, if you have severe neck pain, and you go in to have it treated, don’t be surprised if one of the above is the suggested form of treatment. Just make sure you go to a spinal center that specializes in neck pain treatment in Jacksonville.