A nail salon in Jacksonville, FL does quite a lot for you when you come in for a manicure. The manicure is more than a bit of polish and chatter. You receive a full service that will help you relax, and you will leave the salon feeling much more beautiful than when you entered. These three steps encompass a full manicure, and your style quotient improves the moment the polish graces your nails.

Full Nail Trimming and Buffing

Nail trimming and buffing from a nail salon in Jacksonville, FL includes cutting nails to the proper length, buffing them to shine, and cleaning up your cuticles. The nail salon staff will be quite careful with you if you have sensitive cuticles, and they will ensure that you look perfect before any polish is applied.

Polish and Protective Coat

The polish and protective coat that is applied to your nails is your choice. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and each color has a unique name that you may remember for future visits. The nail salon staff will recommend colors that are appropriate for the season, and they will cover your polish with a coat that prevents it from chipping.

Nail Art

You may ask for nail art if you want something drawn on each nail that makes you look unique. There are synthetic nails you may buy that have their own art, or the nail artist will draw something on each nail. They may use the same picture on each nail, or they may spread the design across all your nails. The nail salon in Jacksonville, FL will send you home looking and feeling like a new person.

Adrienne Michelle’s Salon is a full-service boutique in Jacksonville, FL. They offer hair, spa, manicure, and nail art services for all ladies in the area. With expanded facilities of over 5,000 sq. ft, they are the only in Jacksonville with a ventilation system that captures odors at their source or point of use.  This provides customers with a healthy environment, free from odors resulting from nail polish, removal, and various applications.