If your home has small bathrooms, it can be frustrating for several reasons. The space may feel cramped, storage inadequate and decorating ideas are limited. It is possible to take this small space and remodel or design it so they are more stylish, comfortable and functional. Here are a few ideas for small bathroom remodeling in Batavia, IL.

Built-in Additional Storage

Small baths typically lack adequate storage space. By building in storage options you can provide more space for items needed without using up valuable floor space. Ideas for built-in storage include using space behind the door for recessed shelving. Built-in storage can be added above the toilet, bathtub or in the shower area.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Lighting in a small area can seem somewhat limiting and many homeowners think their only choice is a long metal fixture with three or four bulbs stretched across it. Consider other options for your bathroom remodeling in Batavia, IL. Unique lighting options offer an entirely different look. Consider wall sconces, pendant lights, custom lights or antique fixtures to provide light.

Get Rid of Cabinets

Most bath areas have wall-to-wall cabinets. Builders seem to prefer this option, but they can consume a lot of space. Installing a pedestal sink can give instance space. Add wall hooks for hanging towels and baskets. A mirror which contains a hidden cabinet can provide more storage without using up needed space. Baskets can be used for storage and decoration.

Use Wainscoting or Beadboard for Effect

When doing bathroom remodeling in Batavia, IL add some style with beadboard or wainscoting. Use tall white panels to cover the bottom two-thirds of the wall. This makes the room look roomier and painting it with a high-contrast paint can have a stunning effect. Tall white paneling can offer an even more dramatic effect, brighten the area and make the room feel larger.

Are you ready for some innovative ideas for remodeling a small bathroom? Visit Prime Bath Chicago to discuss your options.