Why buy a new car when you can go for a used model that’s often available at just the fraction of the price of a new ride? That’s one of the best reasons why a lot of people go for a used ride instead. Before you step inside a used Ford car dealership in Knoxville TN, though, here are buying pointers to remember:

Ask about maintenance

Has the car been serviced by a credible mechanic or service center? Is the maintenance up-to-date? If the car hasn’t been maintained very well, you might want to check out your other options.

Determine extent of the damage

Sometimes, though, the damage—like rust—along with scratches are only superficial. If the car’s got a good engine under that hood, then that’s a good investment to go for. However, be sure to check if the rust is structural or not.

Look for service records

A good used Ford car dealership in Knoxville TN will often have no problems providing you with these records. Those records will tell you that the car has been serviced regularly, making it a good option to consider, says the NerdWallet.

Check for accidents

Check out the vehicle history report. Are there any accidents on record? Determine the extent of the damage and how it was fixed. The last thing you want is to go home with a lemon so don’t skip this step.

Do a run-through

Be sure to try out the car’s features. Are there any that don’t work the way they’re supposed to? Before you move on to another model, though, take a moment to decide whether it’s really a deal breaker or not. For instance, if it’s only a faulty CD player or something that’s easy to fix, then you still have a pretty good car on your hands.