Up to half of the energy usage in your home comes from heating and cooling your Aurora home throughout the seasons. Therefore, it makes sense to start focusing on your home’s HVAC system to ensure that you’re not overpaying for utility bills. You likely want to stay cool or warm while inside the house, but it doesn’t mean spending too much.

Air Filter

You may not realize it, but your air filter can improve your energy efficiency in your Aurora home. When it gets filled with all the gunk that could be in the air, it stops pulling in clean air. This, in turn, makes the system work harder, which wastes energy. Plus, the cleaner the filter, the less dust and dirt build up in the system.

Tune Ups

Have you ever noticed that after a tune-up, your car seems to get better gas mileage? The same applies to your heating and cooling systems. When you have them maintained regularly, they work more efficiently, which saves you money on your utility bill. Plus, it can also prevent costly repairs.

Install Programmable Thermostats

If you are away from your home at set intervals each day, a programmable thermostat could be ideal. You can program it to go lower or higher, depending on the season, when you aren’t home, reducing the amount of money you pay. It doesn’t make sense to cool the home as much when you aren’t there to enjoy it.

Install New Equipment

In some cases, your outdated equipment just isn’t up to the standards of energy efficiency. Installing a new air conditioner or furnace can help you lower your monthly electricity costs.

Heating and cooling your Aurora home doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow a few tips and hire a professional. Visit Air-Rite at Website URL to learn more. Follow us on Google+.