The vast majority of adults who have issues with their kidneys can trace their troubles to diabetes. Children, however, are different. Those with cystic kidney disease in Dallas TX often have other issues, though diabetes, especially Type 1 diabetes, could be to blame. If you think your child has kidney disease, you should look for the following symptoms, and then see a doctor:


One symptom of kidney disease in children is swelling of the feet or hands. You also might notice that the area around their eyes is puffy. This is due to fluid buildup. Sometimes, a child has so much swelling that they are unable to move around without pain or difficulty. You might also notice that your child’s clothing, such as their socks, are leaving an indentation in their skin.

Lack of Appetite

If your child has always been a good eater, but they have seemed to have lost their appetite, this could be a sign of a kidney issue. Sometimes kids just don’t want to eat, but if this is paired with other symptoms, a trip to the doctor is in order.

Changes in Urination

Another sign of a kidney issue is urination changes. If your child’s urination pattern is decreasing or increasing, it certainly could be kidney-related. You also might notice that a child who is already potty trained begins wetting the bed at night. The color of the child’s urine is also a sign of a kidney issue. If the urine is dark in color, or red, which could mean blood is present, it’s best to see their doctor. Urine that is foamy might also be connected with kidney issues.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Children with kidney issues might have headaches due to high blood pressure. They also might have flu-like symptoms including vomiting, nausea, fatigue, or weakness.

Growth is Slowing or Stunted

If your child’s growth has slowed in relation to their peers, or they are much smaller than their peers, it could be related to the kidneys.

Poor Concentration

Children who are having problems concentrating, or suddenly having a decline in school performance might have an issue with their kidneys.

If your child is experiencing these symptoms, even a couple of them, it is a good idea to see a doctor for a checkup. Visit Children’s Renal Center for more information.