Say you’re moving into a new home. There’s just a teeny bit of complication: you ended your lease early and will need to move into a relative’s home until your new home is ready. One of the many questions you’ll need to ask is: where do I put my furniture? The easy solution is to find a moving company that offers self-storage units in Northridge CA as well. Here’s how to tell if you’ve found a reliable firm or not:

Look for recommendations

That’s always a good place to start, says Real Simple. Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations can easily pave the way to moving companies that might be right for your budget and needs. Reach out to people on your contact list so you’ll end up with a lot of useful leads.

Screen them

Once you have enough to fill up a list, make sure you screen your choices. Winnow your options by doing a background check on all the companies. Check their lineup of services. It’s also important to consider how long they’ve been in the business. Companies with long-standing experience in the field will often lead the pack and stand out from the rest. That’s because they’re more likely to have the resources, systems, processes, teams and networks in place to ensure safe and secure storage as well as on-time delivery.

Show everything

Be sure to show all the furniture and belongings that are going to be moved and transported. Don’t miss even a single one. Forgetting to include any furniture might cost you extra fees on moving day. Make an inventory list so you won’t miss anything.

Check everything

Once the delivery has been made, don’t take days or weeks opening everything up. Check all the boxes against your master list to make sure you have no broken or missing items. A trustworthy firm should have no problem with this.