Many drivers in Oklahoma City today are just as proud of their pickup trucks as those who drive the latest cars. In fact, many of today’s trucks come with special features that make them perfect off-road machines or excellent daily drivers for commuting. If you drive a truck, you’ll enjoy many benefits when you check out the custom wheel selection at your local tire center. Here are some of the good things you may receive.

What is a Custom Wheel?

At the factory, the standard choice for rims is called OEM or “original equipment manufacturer” wheels. This is what most vehicles of a particular make and model come out with. When your vehicle has OEM rims, it will look and drive like thousands of similar vehicles.

A custom wheel shop in Oklahoma City has selections made specifically for your vehicle. For example, if you are an off-road enthusiast you can equip your truck with rims and tires that are made for the kind of driving you enjoy. Your local tire center carries several name brand rims that are created just for pickup truck owners. For city driving, you’ll find the perfect rims and tires also.


When you spend a lot of money on a great looking truck, you probably want it to stand out from the crowd. Your custom wheel and tire center in Oklahoma City can give your vehicle a unique appearance. In other words, when you walk into a public parking lot, you’ll have no problem finding your vehicle because it doesn’t look like all the others.

Special wheels let you customize your truck in many ways. Your tire center carries wheels from trusted manufacturers like American Force, KMC, Fuel, and Moto Metal. These wheels are made to hold up to the rigors of driving in extreme conditions, and they still look great.