Sometimes there is no way around it. You need to remove a bunion that is causing you pain. A bunion is a bump that develops at the base of the big toe. What makes it so uncomfortable is the fact that it causes the big toe to point toward the second toe to an extreme. Therefore, the bony deformity can be quite painful.

Other Names for the Surgery

If you wear shoes that are either too narrow or not correctly sized, you can develop a bunion. Because women’s shoe styles tend to be narrow, women more frequently require bunion surgery in Racine, WI. When a bunion is removed, it is sometimes called a bunionectomy. It may also be referred to technically as a hallux valgus correction. Hallux valgus means “foot deformity” in Latin.

Get Rid of Your High Heels

If non-invasive treatments do not work, you will need to resort to bunion surgery. Outside of surgery, some people get bunion pain relief by wearing bigger shoes or shoes that feature a wider toe box. For example, you can experience relief from the pain by switching high-heeled shoes for athletic footwear.

Signs You Need Surgery

You can also try cushioning a bunion with a pad. If that does not help, then bunion surgery may be in your future. You are a good candidate for surgery if you currently are experiencing the following:

  • Your pain keeps you from enjoying everyday activities.
  • You cannot walk very far without experiencing debilitating foot pain.
  • You are not able to straighten or flex your big toe.
  • Your big toe is swollen and hurts even if you take medications or rest it.

Naturally, you will need to discuss your situation with a competent foot doctor. Visit Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin LLC if you are experiencing this type of foot pain. Take measures right away to treat your foot pain.