Facing false accusations of child abuse is one of the most frightening experiences a parent can go through. These offenses carry heavy penalties, and while child abuse is an issue to be dealt with severely, false accusations are an unfortunate reality. It’s important for parents to fight these allegations with the help of a lawyer who provides DCFS Defense in Oswego IL, and to follow the tips listed below.

Hire a Lawyer Right Away

An early investigation in a child abuse case is the best way to gather evidence and build a solid defense. As evidence surfaces and individuals tell their stories, it becomes more difficult to find the truth. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of a case.

Determine the Motivation Behind the False Accusations

Proving innocence in a child abuse case relies on finding out why someone would make false accusations, and on presenting the case’s facts to the state. While no one would want to believe that people can lie about such serious things, the truth is that they often do. False allegations are commonly lodged in divorces and child custody cases, and working with a lawyer can expose these allegations for the falsehoods they are.

Parents Should be Ready to Testify

In a case where there’s insufficient evidence and it’s essentially a “he said, she said” story, a parent may be compelled to testify in court. If this occurs, the parent should be ready to offer their testimony, and working with a lawyer can help them put together a legitimate DCFS Defense in Oswego IL.

Try to Remain Calm

As said before, being falsely accused of child abuse can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, it is important for parents to remain calm and civil as they work their way through the court process. A defense lawyer can provide the calm, neutral, and impartial voice a falsely-accused parent desperately needs.

Call an Attorney Today

If a person is wrongly accused of child abuse in the state of Illinois, it’s important for them to aggressively defend their reputation and their parental rights. Call The Cosentino Law Firm LLC today to schedule a consultation, or visit them online for more details.