In Texas, residents and businesses receive invaluable services from local clinics. The facilities help individuals who need medical attention quickly. Services required by employers are also performed at the clinics. An Emergency in Clinic Vidor TX offers urgent medical services and assessments.

Treatment of Common Illnesses

Urgent care facilities provide fast treatment for common illnesses. The conditions include but aren’t limited to colds, flu, and respiratory infections. Patients receive injections to lower high fevers and treat allergic reactions quickly. The doctors provide prescription medications for the diagnosed condition.

Minor Wound or Injury Care

Minor wounds and injuries are treated in an emergency facility. Fast treatment lowers the risk of an infection and common risks. Nurses provide stitches for opened wounds after full assessments. Antibiotics and pain medications are provided for wounds and sudden injuries.

Physicals for Employment and Sports Teams

Urgent care facilities manage physical examinations required for a new job or sports teams. The findings determine if the patient is physically capable of performing job-related tasks. Physicals are performed for prospective athletes to test their physical abilities. Muscular or bone-related disorders disqualify athletes for certain sports.

Drug Testing and Work Injury Assessments

The facilities perform drug tests for new employees and random assessments. Workers who are injured on the job are screened for alcohol and controlled substances. Additionally, the facility assesses the worker’s injuries and reports the findings to the employer’s insurer.

Hearing and Vision Testing

Vision and hearing assessments are required for jobs at the Department of Transportation. The agency sends applicants to an urgent care facility for the assessments. The findings are sent to the employer promptly.

Testing and Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases

Employers are required to send workers to an urgent care facility for occupational disease assessments. OSHA violations such as asbestos require tests for all workers who were exposed to the substance.

In Texas, doctors at urgent care clinics provide medical treatment for minor emergencies and common illnesses. Employment-related exams and drug tests are also performed at the clinics. Residents or employers who need info about the services performed at an Emergency in Clinic Vidor TX contact or visit Riceland Healthcare today.