When a homeowner spots a puddle of water in the home, it creates a feeling of anxiety. The first thing that comes to mind for most people is the expense of the problem. Some attempt to fix the leak themselves while others depend on a residential plumber in Carmel IN. Outlined below are reasons that a plumber should be called at the first sign of a leak.

Pest Control

When water is left somewhere for too long, it attracts pests. Some examples of pests that are attracted to water are cockroaches, mosquitos, mold mites, silverfish, water bugs, and drain flies. These pests have to have water to survive so when they find a puddle of water, they tend to gravitate more to that area. They will also lay eggs in the water causing an even more rapid spread of bugs.

Fire Hazard

Leaky pipes can happen inside of walls. This is dangerous when this happens because the water that is leaking can get into the electrical system. When this happens, it creates a fire hazard. Any water stains that are noticed on the walls should be attended to immediately by an experienced plumber. If the electrical system has been affected, an electrician will need to get involved as well.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can occur when water leaks in walls, through the ceiling, and under the foundation. The water leaks are not just cosmetic repairs. Mold growth can occur inside the walls and the concrete underneath the foundation can erode and crack. The damage from this is much more expensive if the leak is not caught before this happens.

Water Bill Increase

A leak that is caused by a toilet or a faucet can not only flood the septic system but can also cause a spike in the utility bill. Toilet leaks are less noticeable than faucet leaks unless you hear the toilet constantly running. A slow leak is hard to determine without performing a dye test. This can be a DIY project or a Residential Plumber in Carmel IN can perform the test but any leak like this should be addressed quickly.

A patch job on a leaky faucet or pipe can result in reoccurring problems. Once the leak occurs again, the expense of the repair can be more costly than if it were fixed to begin with. Contact us to do the repair right the first time.