When a transfer case needs service, it can be a stressful time for the vehicle owner. Usually, when service is needed, it means there is a severe problem and the repair may end up being a very costly one. But how can one tell when Transfer Case Services in Glendale AZ are needed? Here is a brief primer on how to tell when the transfer case may be in trouble.

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According to industry experts, one of the most obvious ways that a vehicle owner can tell that their transfer case is going bad is that the vehicle suffers from a complete loss of all four-wheel or all-wheel drive capabilities. The inability to switch between the normal drive mode and four- or all-wheel drive modes is also a huge indicator that something is amiss with the transfer case.

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Grinding noises which seem to be coming from the area of the transfer case, lubricant fluids which are dark in color, low, or leaking are an indicator that the transfer case is about to fail. So is the problem of rough shifting between different gears. If a vehicle owner chooses to ignore these warning signs, they are essentially asking for trouble and setting themselves up for even bigger problems when it comes to the health of the vehicle. Multiple issues can lead to the need for Transfer Case Services in Glendale AZ.


Some simple remedies that can ease or even avoid the damage caused by a failing transfer case can be as simple as properly shifting between the gears of the vehicle. Industry experts also recommend that vehicle owners only use the four- or all-wheel option as specified by the manufacturer instructions. Another simple remedy is to drain all of the fluids and refill them with fresh fluids at the proper levels.

If the transfer case suffers from serious damage, there is the possibility that it will need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. This may require brand new components being used in place of the failed components. It is best to have a trained professional repair person perform the work in instances such as this, call Denny’s Transmission Specialists to get same-day services!