There are a lot of moving companies that offer a range of different services for their customers in Trussville. Some offer just the truck rentals while others may offer a truck and a small crew to move the items from your home and into your new home.

A full service moving company goes well beyond these basics. Surprisingly, the cost of these companies is often very reasonable and comparable to the discount prices from lower quality movers when you factor in the additional labor, time and the stress of trying to complete a move on your own.

What is Full Service?

Before choosing a moving company based on the term “full service” make sure you understand what services are offered. Some companies will consider packing and unpacking as well as supplying materials as full service, which can be misleading.

A true full service moving company offers far more than packing and unpacking. They can arrange for vehicle transportation, which is often an overlooked issue on long-distance moves. Other services can include assistance in finding temporary housing, assistance in locating a Realtor and providing short or long-term storage in their own secured and vaulted storage units.

The top companies can also provide specialized crating and packaging for high value or specialty items. This is often required for sensitive home electronics, artwork and fragile or breakable items that are not suitable for packing in standard boxes.

Ideally, check in with the different Trussville movers to find out what services are offered. This will help in narrowing down your choice of a full service moving company in Trussville The next step will be in obtaining an estimate for the move, which should be done for free, allowing you to compare options and choose the ideal mover for your relocation.