People who want to scale down often want to choose a home that is well designed and luxurious in nature. They also want a property that is easy to maintain. You can realize these goals when you look into trailer homes that replicate the look of cottages or log cabins.

Obtain a Good Value for Your Money

Many of these properties offer standard features that you cannot find in the traditional real estate market, especially if it is your plan to downsize. That is why RV park trailers that look like log cabins or cottages are a popular seller in Texas. People know good value when they see it.

Decorator Amenities

RV park trailers designed as cottages or cabins offer the following decorator accents:

  • Tape and textured sheetrock ceilings, walls, and window sills
  • Mullions featured on most windows
  • A china lavatory sink in the bathroom
  • Exterior lighting at all entry doors
  • Brushed nickel hardware finishes
  • Rugged laminate countertops
  • Blinds that feature two-inch wide slats

Added Waterproofing

Properties that are built as RV park trailers in Dallas, TX also highlight heavy duty interiors. These beautiful interiors include vaulted ceilings and custom wood cabinets. The homes also come with subfloor waterproofing treatments.

A Sturdy Metal Roof

On the outside of the home, fiber cement is used as a siding material. The homes also feature a rodent-proof underbelly and hurricane tie-down strapping. The plumbing features brass fittings, and the roof is made of a sturdy metal design.

Who to Contact for Further Information

If you want to scale down the size of your home but still enjoy luxurious amenities, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the homes offered by Platinum Park Homes in Malakoff, Texas. Call a representative today to discuss your living and design requirements. The company’s phone number is 903-675-2525. Phone the company for all the exciting details. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.