Divorce is a terrible time for a couple who has had enough of living together, and seek to be legally removed from one another. One of the things that may be an issue during the divorce is deciding who will get custody of the child or the children in the marriage. A child Custody Attorney in Martinsburg WV advises and helps clients fight in court to get the best possible outcome in custody hearings. Here is helpful information to understand about child custody issues in West Virginia.

What to Understand about the Child Custody Law in West Virginia

The main thing to remember about child custody is that the courts are going to decide for whatever is in the best interest of the child or children. This includes, but is not limited to the financial stability of a parent, the mental and emotional state of the parent, and whether or not the parent has conflicting issues (such as being a child abuser). Beyond that, the parent who is wanting to ensure that he or she will get custody will need to have a good lawyer who can help get the right information.

Other Things to Know about the Child Custody Law in West Virginia

If the two parties seeking a divorce are able to come to some terms of agreement about the child custody, the courts will usually try to honor that, but will seek other remedies if not. The child or children will also have input as to which parent is preferred to live with, and this may influence the decision of the courts. Child custody hearings are usually quite stressful emotionally and physically. An attorney can help offset the stress.

Who to Call to Help with Child Custody Representation

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