VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is not a new technology. However, with the integration of cloud-based technology, VoIP solutions are now highly effective and efficient for Grand Rapids, MI, businesses of all sizes.

There are several different VoIP service providers in the area. Some are new companies with limited experience in working with enterprise size companies or even with small businesses. There are other companies such as IT Partners+ with years of working in Grand Rapids, MI, with some of the largest businesses in the city.

Choosing the best provider for all your VoIP solutions isn’t as simple as just choosing a name. There are a few key considerations that will help ensure the provider selected is the ideal match for your needs.


For all types of businesses, the cost is going to be a factor. However, for small to medium business IT solutions, a service that can combine VoIP and managed IT services is often the best.

This not only provides a full package of support, but it also limits the number of outside services that are working with the company. This tends to enhance communication and understanding between the company and the provider.

Service Plans

As part of the business VoIP services offered, look carefully at what is offered in the plans. In many cases, the price difference may be in the details, with a slightly higher cost provider offering a wider selection of features, technology, and benefits for users.

Customer service is also a consideration. Ask for references from similarly sized businesses to find out about the ability to respond to questions, to address issues and to fully integrate the technology into your business practices.

Top VoIP providers in may even provide free hardware on an ongoing basis. This is a great additional feature as it allows new phones over a set number of years to keep abreast of the latest in features, options, and technology.

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