Although you may believe your air conditioner is working perfectly, any heating and cooling expert will tell you that an annual inspection and service is necessary. When you hire a skilled professional that performs AC service in Fort Pierce FL, you can rest assured that the unit would stay that way; operating at peak performance, ready to cool your home at the lowest possible cost of energy.

As the air conditioner runs, it collects dirt, dust and other debris in and around areas that will affect the unit’s efficiency. The outdoor condenser can easily become blocked, and the filters can become plugged. When the airflow is restricted, the operating efficiency can easily be reduced by 10 percent. This not only affects the units cooling ability; it costs more to run.

Why are Maintenance and Service Important?

Regular inspections and annual service pay for themselves. When the air conditioner is running at peak performance, it is running efficiently. This saves you money on your monthly energy bills, and your AC system will last longer. Annual maintenance and service can drive down the cost of operation considerably and prevent breakdowns.

A qualified service technician knows air conditioning; he will often find small problems and address them before they become larger and more expensive to deal with. With the cost of a complete system replacement running several thousand dollars, it is well worth paying considerably less every year.

Hire the Right Company

When you are analyzing the companies that perform AC service in Fort Pierce FL make sure that the technicians that will be working on your unit are licensed and fully insured. The annual service should include a thorough cleaning, a check of the motor, blower, clean the condensate drain and refrigerant, ensure all connections are tight, including those on the supply and return lines. Visit A/C Medics for more information.