Storing a boat is a little more involved than storing other items. The steps to safe boat storage tend to depend on the time of year and why you are storing it in the first place. If it’s the summer, you will need to keep the boat safe from wind, rain, and pests. There are several ways to do that; for very small boats, you can just flip them upside down. Be sure to store them a little bit above the ground. However, for bigger boats that go on trailers, you need to make sure you are looking for quality storage units. A good storage unit offers several advantages over just putting the boat on a trailer in your driveway.

Storing Your Boat

A trailerable boat needs to go to a professional boat storage in Las Vegas. If you are keeping it for the summer months, you’ll put the boat into storage on the trailer. You’ll most likely keep it fueled up and ready to go. That’s because you want to have ready access to it when you want to use it. However, when you want to store a boat for the winter, or even longer, you should take a few extra steps.

Before you put your boat into self storage for an extended period, it can definitely help to wipe down the boat. That’s especially useful if you have used the boat in saltwater. You should also consider draining the fluids from the engine since those petroleum products can be corrosive. Then, you should call Canyon Road Self Storage in Las Vegas and ask about the different sizes of units available.

Different Units

When you’re looking at boat storage, make sure you keep in mind that you need more space than just space for your boat. The boat will be taller, wider, and longer because you need to fit the trailer it is on as well.

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