Nobody likes making doctor visits. It’s a hassle, and it can be expensive, and many of us would just prefer to believe that everything will be fine. Especially when dealing with small but consistent amounts of pain, in areas that are used to be sore, it’s easy to convince yourself that it’s not a real problem, and it will go away on its own. That’s one reason that foot issues often go untreated. Here are some signs that you absolutely need to visit a foot doctor in Bronzeville.

Swelling and Numbness
When a body part swells abnormally, past the usual seasonal bloat, that is usually a sign that something is wrong beneath the skin. Numbness, too, is a big warning sign, and in conjunction, they mean that something is likely wrong with your foot, whether it be a sprain, a fracture, or nerve damage, especially if you have diabetes.

Painful Bunions
Bunions largely create pain by rubbing wrong against the shoes that you’re wearing, so it can be manageable by wearing special shoes to accommodate. However, bunions are not caused by those shoes, so unless the underlying issue is taken care of, the bunions will continue to get worse.

Foot Pain Interferes With Daily Life
It’s one thing if you have to sit down for a bit every few hours, but if you’re incapable of performing tasks necessary to your life or livelihood because you can’t stand the pain of staying on your feet, then there is something likely wrong with those feet. Don’t simply soldier through that sort of pain thinking it’s nothing; soreness after being on your feet is normal, but the actual consistent pain is not.

Skin is Cracked or Bleeding
Any sort of open wound, no matter how small, is cause for an issue. Cracked and bleeding skin is usually due to an underlying dryness and can be relatively easily managed by creams, but it’s very important that this does happen. Any openings that last for a significant amount of time can develop infections, and those infections can be much, much bigger problems.

Ingrown Toenails
The pain of the ingrown toenail is a gradual one, and every day it doesn’t seem much worse than the last, but after time, ingrown toenails can become unbearable. Instead of letting them get to that point, and develop the risk of infection, get ingrown toenails treated as soon as you can.

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