Not all appliances or machines are designed to operate efficiently at the voltage levels supplied by your power source.

In the cases where your machine needs more or less voltage than is being supplied, you would need a power transformer to transform that voltage into what is required.

Sometimes, however, the process is not that simple, and many companies offer to design and build a custom transformer to match your needs exactly.

Reasons to Have Your Transformer Customized

Simply put, the reason you would need a custom transformer is that nobody regularly manufactures exactly what you are looking for.
In some cases, you may not find a transformer able to handle the voltage input or output, so you need to have one custom made to effectively handle the power.

Perhaps you need a transformer to be able to mount to a specific place. Custom transformer designers can shape your transformer to mount to any location.

Information Required for Transformer Order

When you order your custom transformer, you will, of course, need to provide information and your specifications. Typically, this will include the following:

   Your primary voltage
   Voltage and/or current of each winding and the intended use
*    Sometimes you need to supply the lead length
   Mounting information

If any additional information is required, your service providers will tell you.

Know That These Require Expertise

Those who understand how transformers work and the components required can create custom designed equipment, but this certainly isn’t common knowledge.

Know that the people creating these transformers are extremely skilled and pride themselves on creating effective and working equipment. You will typically be allowed to test the product before you commit, ensuring that everything is working properly and as anticipated for ultimate customer satisfaction.