When it comes to repairing or replacing components of a home, it can be a difficult decision for any homeowner. Replacing an existing component of the home will always be more costly, but it also provides a new, updated look to the home as well as a system with much longer life cycle than a current, older system.

This is certainly the case when it comes to comparing gutter repair to gutter replacement for Sumner, WA, homeowners. As the gutters are an important part of maintaining a home, particularly in this wet area of the country, taking the time to consider the options is time well spent.

Gutter Replacement

Full gutter replacement is typically the best option when the current gutters are old, rusted, leaking or have multiple areas where there is current or pending gutter failure.

In other words, if the future life of the gutters is limited, replacing rather than repairing is the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Gutter Repairs

For newer systems with smaller areas of damage, gutter repair is often the best option. This may include damage from a tree limb hitting the home or damage from other types of issues such as blockages and freezing conditions. With older homes, gutter hangers may simply come loose over time, or there may be the need to replace a damaged fascia board in addition to the section of gutter.

The repair, depending on the gutter system on the home, can be a very low-cost option. Even with seamless gutters, just the damaged area will need to be removed and replaced by the gutter repair service.

It is important to act quickly if an area of the gutter is damaged on a Sumner, WA, home. The longer it is left unrepaired, the greater the risk of more costly damage.