Maybe you’ve tried your hand at making cake pops and, while they taste delicious, you’re having trouble achieving that perfect smoothness for the best photographs. Or, perhaps you’ve nailed down the cake pop basics, but you’re ready to take your skills to the next level! Nothing makes for easier cake pop decoration than a smooth, round working surface. So how do you achieve that coveted, perfectly round shape?

1. Perhaps the most crucial step to take towards the perfect cake pop is the acquisition of a cake pop pan or two. With these handy tools, worrying about rolling by hand, scooping, freezing, or other tedious processes needed to achieve that ideal sphere by hand is a thing of the past.

2.  Homemaker Chic shares another crucial piece of advice—grease and flours your cake pop pan! Molding a flawless, round cake pop doesn’t mean much if you can’t remove them effortlessly from the pan! Struggling too hard with cake balls that can result in a crumbling disaster, the opposite of what you want for a photo-ready cake pop presentation.

3. Once you have a pan full of ideal cake balls, the next most important step to achieving a smooth finish is to understand the correct way to melt your candy or chocolate coverings. You may know this from personal experience, but Craftsy reminds us that it’s very easy to overheat your candy. Take care to achieve the perfect consistency for dipping and rolling by heating at 50% of your microwave’s power and maintaining short intervals of thirty seconds at a time.

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