For some, it may not seem like they had enough to drink to really impair their driving. Others may be well aware of the fact that they shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Either way, once a person is pulled over by the police and accused of drunk driving, things begin to happen quickly. One of the first steps to take is contacting a drunk driving law attorney in Vermont for representation. Here are three important questions to ask right away.

What experience or training do you have?

Sometimes a drunk driving law attorney in Vermont will have specialized training or experience that helps prepare them to take on these cases. Some may have worked with police officers to get a better sense of how drivers are stopped and what happens to test their impairment. It’s okay to ask about how many times these types of cases have made it into court, how often plea agreements are accepted, and even how many people the attorney has represented in these types of cases.

What is the cost of representation including fees?

There isn’t always a bottom line cost for representation. In fact, it may be tough to provide an exact amount that a person will owe at the end of the case. It could depend on the amount of time it takes to resolve the case. There could also be fees that a person is responsible for outside of the attorney’s fees. However, it is usually possible to get a general idea of how much representation is going to cost to help clients plan for the expense.

What are the possible outcomes?

It’s important to have an attorney that will be completely honest with clients. This means explaining all of the possible outcomes. Lawyers can’t predict exactly how a case will go or what will happen, but they can at least offer some of the different things that could happen as a result of the arrest. For each scenario, an attorney can talk about what options are available and provide more details on how to proceed.

I’ve you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, check out Be prepared with your questions and learn more about your specific situation. It’s important to have someone representing your best interest throughout the ordeal.