You can’t always take your dog outside as often as it needs, which can leave you cleaning up a lot of messes if you don’t handle it properly.  This is why many pet owners choose to use a puppy potty pad in New York. These pads allow pets to do their business indoors, rather than having to go outside, all without the mess. The following tips will help you place the pads to increase the chances your dog will use them properly.

Away from Sleeping and Eating Space

While there are always exceptions, most pets won’t relieve themselves in an area in which they eat or sleep. Therefore, you need to calculate the space you use for your pet properly. If you place the pads too close to the area in which your dog sleeps or eats, they are far less likely to use the pads and are more likely to have accidents.

Close to the Door

If you do intend to train your dog to go outside or you are only using the puppy potty pad in New York while you are unavailable to take your dog out, placing them close to the door can be the ideal option. Whether your dog is already used to going to the door when they need to go out or they are just learning, your pet will know where to go to do their business when you aren’t around to take them out, or they simply wait too long.

An Enclosed Space

While most people like to give their dog free roam of their home, when you’re trying to house break your pet, this isn’t always the best idea. You’re more likely to find unpleasant surprises all over the house. Instead, think about sectioning off an area just for your pet and place the puppy potty pad in New York within this area.

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