Are you aware that sitting at a desk job is just as detrimental as smoking? Workplace trends have started to incorporate wellness programs that move toward using bike desks, as well as other types of exercise desks. The same is true for people who work at home. You can implement your own wellness program, trim your waistline and reduce your healthcare costs by using a stationary bike desk attachment. You will be able to work while also burning calories so you can curtail health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits are dynamic and can help to motivate you when it comes to sharpening your skills and productivity too.

Are You Sitting Too Much and Moving Too Little?

Are you sitting too much while trying to work during the day and moving too little? If you can answer yes to this question, then it’s time to start your own prevention. With obesity rates doubling since the 70’s, it has become apparent that the United States is facing a critical health situation. Nearly 50% of Americans have admitted that they don’t get the suggested level of activity, which accounts for about half of Americans sitting more than they should as well as moving too little. The sedentary lifestyle has turned into a national health crisis.

Bike Desks Improve Cardiovascular Health

One way to start combating a sedentary work style is to use a bike desk attachment. Settling into work and peddling your way to better health has many benefits. The seat is typically the size of a normal office chair and can slip beneath a desk if need be. Bike desk attachments are an affordable option that is also portable and practical. When you need to perform Internet research, read a long document or receive phone calls a stationary bike desk is a key to remaining active. Visit FlexiSpot for more information.