Going on a trip isn’t always a smooth ride. Here are practical solo tips for women who want to see and travel the world on their own.

Read reviews

That’s one way to pick a safe hotel. With plenty of hotels with cheap rates, it may be prudent to spend more so long as you’re sure you’re picking a good one.


Planning to go on a temple-hopping tour? Be sure to check out the guidelines before you head out for your tour. If you’re wearing something skimpy or have your knees and shoulders uncovered, you may need to change or wear a wrap before you can get in. To avoid the hassle, be prepared by reading the guidelines.

Pick a city

London, Amsterdam, and Paris are one of the safest cities for solo women travelers, says the New York Times. If you want to look to Asia, Japan tops the list with Tokyo being one of the safest cities in the world.

Enjoy it

The best part of going on a trip by yourself is that you get to go at your own pace. You won’t have to hurry along. Linger. Take a moment to enjoy the local sights. Try out all the snacks and food that look yummy and interesting. Talk to the locals. Enjoy every minute.

Get there before nightfall

Get to anywhere you need to go during the day. Want to hit the local market? Want to check out that temple? Get it done while there’s daylight. When night comes, make sure you’re nearby or on your way back to your hotel.

Go to plan B

One of the best solo tips for women is to always have a backup plan. Be sure to bring your credit cards with you in case you need emergency cash to book another hotel or flight.