Since carpet often sets the tone for a room, its look must be maintained and kept in pristine condition for years of beauty and comfort. Daily wear and tear can cause carpet to become dirty, dingy and worn over time. While carpet needs to be replaced every so often, the best way to keep carpet clean, fresh and looking its best is with high-quality cleaning products that can protect your investment and the look of a home or business.

Little Messes

Throughout the course of time, any number of things can soil carpet, whether it’s muddy footprints, dropped food, pets, kids, heavy traffic and more. For those common, everyday messes, a spot cleaner is a great way to get carpet clean without spending too much time, effort or resources. A few sprays can keep your carpet looking as good as the first day you got it.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

No matter how well you maintain your carpet, there comes a time when a heavy-duty cleaning is in order. For those times, you need tougher carpet cleaning products that can get down deep to remove odors, tough stains and more. Ultra-concentrated products are recommended to get to the source of the problem. Treatments designed specifically for discoloration are also good options to restore the color of carpet. After deep cleaning, it’s great to follow up with odor blockers and deodorizers to make freshly-cleaned carpet smell as good as it looks.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether you already have the carpet of your dreams or are currently looking for the perfect look to complement your space, you want to protect your investment. It’s important to understand the type of carpet you have, follow the care instructions and choose the right carpet cleaning products that will be beneficial to your flooring. Though there’s a large variety of products available, choosing the right products can mean the difference between a long, happy relationship with your carpet or wanting to rip it out after one too many spills.

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