Maintaining good skin care practices can help prevent many conditions and help keep the skin looking healthy, smooth and firm. Skin problems can occur due to aging, exposure to the environment or any number of other factors. There are some common skin blemishes resulting from genetics or viruses. Dermatologists offer cosmetic services in San Antonio to treat many skin problems or flaws. Here are some of the most common problems.


Adolescents often complain of acne as they find it a troubling condition of the skin. It can affect their self-esteem or confidence. Overactive glands produce too much oil which plugs follicles which can become inflamed or infected. The typical case of acne is mild. But when it becomes moderate to severe it can cause scarring. Dermatologists offer a variety of treatment options and cosmetic services in San Antonio.


This term is used to refer to brownish patches on the skin. They can appear as a result of age, or acne. To some, they resemble freckles and some call them “liver spots.” They are benign and not harmful. However, people desire to remove them for cosmetic purposes.


Rosacea is a skin problem which causes facial redness and some swelling. It typically affects adults who have fair skin, but it can appear at any age. The condition develops slowly and looks like a person is just flushed. Over time, the condition can worsen and rarely goes away without treatment. It can be treated with oral or topical medications. Laser therapy often provides good results as well.


Scars typically fade over time, but some stay prominent and noticeable. Even though a scar doesn’t require medical treatment, they can be frustrating. Cosmetic services in San Antonio include treatments for scars. A dermatologist’s treatment can help drastically reduce a scar’s appearance.

If you have one or more of these skin flaws and would like to improve your appearance, visit the Limmer Dermatology website to schedule a consultation. We are here to help you achieve the results you desire.