When you hear the word menopause, you typically associate the condition with middle-aged women and the physical changes that accompany a drop in estrogen production. But women are the only ones affected by menopause. Men also experience their own form of menopause as they age, called andropause. This is caused by a decrease in the production of testosterone levels, and causes many of the same symptoms as menopause, such as fatigue, depression, and sexual dysfunction, according to WebMD. Unlike women, however, the decline in testosterone is a gradual process, as opposed to an abrupt event. Thus, hormone therapy can combat the slow effects of testosterone loss. If you’re middle-aged and starting to feel some the above symptoms of andropause (which can also include hair loss and weight gain in the chest area), then you might want to ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy options in Aspen CO.

Start the Process

When you visit your doctor for a consultation, they will perform a full physical exam and make sure that any other potential underlying medical conditions are ruled out. They will also test your blood for testosterone levels, which is the one way to ultimately confirm that low hormones are the issue. Once it’s established that low testosterone is the root of the problem, you will be eligible for hormone therapy.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

If you choose hormone replacement therapy in Aspen CO, it won’t take long to notice a change. You’ll have more energy and less muscle weakness. Weight gain and hair loss will slow, and you’ll feel a general sense of regained vitality. You will also have an increased libido and fewer issues with sexual dysfunction.

There’s no need for your body and mind to slow down as a result of aging. Talk to your doctor about hormone therapy and combat the symptoms of andropause for greater well-being.