Individuals who become disabled often find themselves under a great deal of stress as they go through the process of seeking the government benefits they need. The process is sometimes wrought with obstacles and individuals are often denied when they first apply. When problems begin to arise, it is imperative the disabled person seeks help from the Disability Attorney in Yelm WA.

What Can Individuals Expect?

Going through the process of seeking disability benefits begins with filling out the application paperwork. If the paperwork is not filled out in its entirety or filled out erroneously, the claim could be denied by the Administration.

It can take several weeks or even months for a claim to be approved. The waiting process is sometimes stressful for individuals, but it is important to note, once approved, the claimant will receive retro benefits that date back to the first date of their application.

If a denial is given, the individual has the right to a couple of appeals. The first appeal is an informal one and involves asking the Administration to review the paperwork to see if an error occurred in the decision-making process. If a second denial is given, the individual has a right to file a more formal appeal which will result in a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Hiring an Attorney Can Help

It is imperative a person realizes they can get help from a Disability Attorney in Yelm WA. Many people find it beneficial to hire an attorney from the beginning so they can get help with filling out the paperwork and filing their claim.

It is especially important to hire an attorney if an appeal is needed. The attorney will help their client prepare their claim evidence and know what to expect when they stand before the judge. Working with the attorney makes the process of filing for disability much easier.

If you would like to learn more about your rights in filing for disability and how an attorney can help, Browse our website. Call the office right away and they will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started.