Sometimes called a bio-facial or a noninvasive facelift, the PRP platelet rich plasma facial in Farmers Branch TX gives you all the benefits of a traditional facelift without going under the knife. You don’t even have to inject foreign products into your skin because the plasma is taken directly from your blood cells. Platelet plasma is one component of blood that helps heal the body, and it can be effective when it is removed, separated, and injected into the area of concern.

Only a small amount of blood is required, and it’s put into a centrifuge that spins it at high speeds to separate the plasma from the other cells. It is then injected into the face to promote new cell growth, new blood vessels, and help your body produce more hyaluronic acid and collagen. Most medical spas use it on the face, but it can be used on any part of the body to promote healing.

The Treatment

The first step in the PRP platelet rich plasma facial in Farmers Branch TX is for your doctor to determine how much skin aging you have, perform a skin analysis, and recommend where the injections should go. Your skin is then prepped and cleaned. A local anesthetic can be applied to the face to block nerves in the area. Blood is then drawn from your arm and the plasma separated. It’s injected into the targeted area, and any remaining PRP is put on the skin and rubbed in. Most doctors recommend having at least three and up to six treatments spaced four or six weeks apart. Then, maintenance treatments are every one to two years, depending on a variety of factors.

The best part is that it’s all natural because the product comes from you. Plus, it’s safer because you’re less likely to be allergic to something already inside your body. For more information visit Sigma Medical Spa.