Running a clean shop is very important, especially for the health of your employees, but it is difficult for a machine shop. It is a dirty business by nature. Fortunately, there are many products that can help you keep your shop clean and save you money at the same time.

Tramp oil separators remove tramp oil from the machine coolant in your shop, keeping the air cleaner and allowing you to reuse the coolant. Recovery systems clean the coolant so that it can be successfully returned to your machine shop for reuse. Your shop can be set up so that the cleaned coolant automatically returns to your shop for reuse without any manual intervention.

Sump suckers are a plus for the system, as these remove the dirt and oil that is leftover after the coolant is returned to your machines. These make it easy to dispose of the leftover oil and gunk so that it can be permanently removed from the systems. Cleaning out and removing the dirty oil that accumulates with a sump sucker helps keep the whole shop running smoothly and feeling clean.

Your equipment vendor offers lots of systems that can help you run a cleaner shop, reuse your coolant, and save you money. Your vendor knows how each product works and can put together the right combination of components to allow your shop to work at its most efficient, and at the greatest savings to you.

Take the time to evaluate these products so that you can run your healthiest and best shop. Some of the products that can help you save the most money are the same products that can make your shop a much better place to work, so there are plenty of reasons to check them out.