Diesel exhaust poisoning is an unfortunate yet common problem in today’s society. If you think you have been poisoned by these types of fumes, you should visit a lawyer immediately. It is important to get your case started soon, to avoid accidentally going over the Statute of Limitations and to be sure that all evidence in your case is as fresh as possible.

Signs of Diesel Poisoning

There are both short and long-term health complications that arise out from exposure to diesel exhaust. Short-term symptoms include lightheadedness, heartburn, weakness, wheezing, nausea, and vomiting. Long-term effects are much more serious and can include heart and lung disease, chronic respiratory issues, and even brain damage if the exposure has been going on for long enough.

When to Visit a Law Firm

It is important to visit a law firm as soon as you can. In most cases, this means the moment a doctor has diagnosed you with a disease that could be caused or related to exposure to diesel fumes. Visiting a law firm as soon as you can is ideal, as it preserves evidence and helps your attorneys get statements from others in your organization while the information is still fresh.

What to Bring with You

You should bring any documentation you have about your symptoms and the possible correlation to diesel fume exposure. This includes things like doctor’s notes, sick day logs, and even your journal or notes about your ongoing condition. It is a good idea to ask your attorney if they require any other documentation at the first meeting, just to be sure you are prepared. It is also a good idea to bring with you valid ID, in case the firm requires that information for their files.

Diesel exhaust poisoning is a very serious matter that should be handled with care. Visit Hughes Law Office to find lawyers who can help at http://www.dieselinjurylaw.com.