While much of the quality of your air conditioning system depends on the equipment itself, you are also relying on the expertise of your contractor to set you up for long-term success.

This is especially the case when you live in an area with high heat and brutal summer weather, so it’s important to get connected with an A/C installation contractor who will ensure you remain comfortable when the temperatures rise.

Hooking Up Your Home with the Latest A/C Equipment

There is a lot of benefit in upgrading your A/C units, and your A/C installation contractor in New Braunfels only supplies the latest equipment. Whether you are upgrading or installing A/C for the first time, having the most advanced equipment is beneficial for a number of reasons.

First of all, newer A/C systems are more energy efficient and often include solar powered or geothermal equipment that allows you to lower your ecological impact as well. New equipment will directly impact your energy bills, and the professionals at All Service Air Conditioning & Heating can help you understand all of your options, as well as provide an excellent installation.

Mini-Split A/C Systems

There are certainly scenarios where a traditional A/C unit might not be appropriate for your setup, and your A/C installation contractor will be able to identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your home or office building.

Alternative solutions might include a mini-split system, which are ductless systems that provide cool air to a room. They can potentially be much more cost-effective and are almost always easier to install. Regardless of the system you choose, you will have access to advanced thermostat units that increase energy saving potential and make temperature control even more efficient. You can also connect them on Facebook.