In Washington, disabled individuals who are unable to work have a chance to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The programs help the individual support themselves financially. The benefits are provided around the first of each month. A disability attorney in Centralia, WA explains the claimant’s rights and what to do if they are denied the benefits.

What Is SSI?

Supplement Security Income is a form of disability program that is based on the claimant’s household income. After the claimant is approved for the program, the Social Security Administration monitors their income. If the claimant’s household income exceeds the income restrictions, the SSA deducts the overage from the monthly benefits. In some cases, the claimant could lose their entire monthly benefit based on the increase in income.

What Is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance is provided to workers who were injured and developed a disability. The value of the monthly benefits is based on the worker’s contributions to Social Security throughout their work history. It isn’t based on the claimant’s income. However, they aren’t allowed to continue to work.

How Does a Claimant Acquire the Benefits?

A claimant must begin the process by submitting an application to the SSA. If they are denied initially, there is a possibility of reconsideration. The claimant could acquire approval after the reconsideration. Most adults opt to file a lawsuit instead of requesting a reconsideration. If the claimant files a lawsuit, they are more likely to receive a larger portion of back pay according to when they were diagnosed.

How Do They Prepare for a Lawsuit?

The attorney collects all medical records related to the disability along with other information that pertains to the case. The doctor treating the claimant may testify about the condition and how it affects their patient.

In Washington, disabled individuals have the opportunity to obtain benefits. The Social Security Administration provides two separate programs to assist disabled individuals. SSI is a program that is based on the claimant’s household income. SSDI is a program that provides benefits to workers who accumulated the funds during their work history. Disabled individuals who need a disability attorney in Centralia, WA can get more information now.