Living with knee pain is a reality for many Americans. For reasons ranging from athletic injuries to osteoarthritis, complaints of knee pain are among the most commonly reported by physicians in the United States. With so many people coping with this problem, it stands to reason that information about doing so effectively should be readily available, but many people don’t know how to manage their pain. Here are some approaches to knee pain treatment through proactive management and care:

Don’t Stop Moving!

Many people who suffer from joint pain become sedentary to avoid triggering flare-ups of their discomfort. However, doctors are quick to remind knee pain sufferers that the best way to remain flexible and manage their pain is to continue to exercise regularly and properly.

Do Make Things Easier for Yourself

While adopting a movement-free lifestyle is a bad idea for knee pain patients, it is important to understand your limitations and adapt your lifestyle accordingly. There are many ways joint pain sufferers can manage their condition by choosing adaptive or assistive devices. Some of these include:

  • Choosing ergonomic work materials, tools, and seating accessories.

  • Using a walking aid, such as a walking stick, a cane, a walker or crutches as needed.

  • Selecting shoes and other clothing and accessories designed for those with joint pain.

By approaching these adaptations with a proactive and positive attitude, you can avoid worsening your injury or aggravating your pain unnecessarily.

Don’t Be Silent

Many sufferers of past injuries or chronic pain believe that there is no cure for their condition or that their pain is not “bad enough” to complain about. Knee pain has become so common in the United States that many patients don’t even discuss theirs regularly with their healthcare providers.

Don’t let this happen to you. The only way to manage your knee pain is to accept and be open about the fact that it exists in the first place.

Do Talk to Your Doctor

Looking for a new healthcare provider for your knee pain treatment? If you don’t feel like your primary care physician or local clinic are equipped to handle your condition – or are just looking for a change of scenery at the doctor’s office – look to a pain management and regenerative health facility. West Chester, OH is home to some of the most advanced treatment options in the United States for both chronic and acute knee pain, so don’t worry about having to travel to far off lands to find the alternatives you’re searching for. Contact your local pain management provider today and start living a better, less painful life now!