It can be easy to get into a rut as a property manager or as a property owner. Making the move from splitting the utility bill to placing smart meters in each unit is an initial cost, but there are several offsetting factors to consider when bringing in new technology.

The top water utility management companies working with non-municipal customers can offer a range of serves and features. These not only help the property owner and manager, but they are also very helpful in marketing vacancies and boosting occupancy.

Smart Meters for Each Unit

Many of the top utility management companies offer a full range of services. This includes installation of smart meters on the property using in-house, professionally trained and experienced crews.

The addition of smart meters gives the property individual billing. This is a big factor for people moving into new apartment buildings, condos, townhomes and manufactured home communities.

An End To Ratio Utility Billing

With the addition of smart meters, there is also the end to ratio billing. This can be a point of issue for many tenants, and property managers often find themselves dealing with upset tenants when water use spikes and everyone’s bill goes up.

No More Billing And Payment Collection

Working with professional, experienced utility management companies means they offer all the services required to manage all aspects of the service, including online billing and bill payment.

With this option, tenants can log in and pay, set up monthly reoccurring payments, and always have access to past bills and usage history. The convenience of being able to pay online and receiving email notices of billing cycles is instrumental in decreasing the rate of late payments and work for the property manager in trying to collect.